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Not Everyone Knows that there are three different carpet cleaning methods available:

Carpet Steam Extraction Cleaning, Carpet Dry Cleaning - (encapsulating) and Shampoo cleaning

If you are wanting to know and understand the difference, read on.

Steam Extraction Cleaning

At Advanced Carpet Care Newcastle, we only do Steam Extraction Cleaning of Carpets. This is because we know and have proven that steam cleaning is the most thorough deep-cleaning method to ensure carpets are cleaned from the surface right down to the bottom of the fibres.

We use steam because it allows us to remove dirt, fleas, bed bugs, grease, mould, and other germs and allergens from deep within your carpets. Steam infused into your carpets loosens all the dirt as the steam turns to water, this dirty water is then extracted by our High Volume Vacuum machine leaving your carpet clean from the very bottom-up.

Dry Cleaning

You should be made aware that "Dry Cleaning" carpets work in an entirely different way.

Carpet dry cleaning machines use a large padded surface to buff the tops of your carpet with a cleaning solution – no steam or Extraction, hence why it’s known as “dry cleaning”. The large padded machine swirls around on the top surface of the carpet which cleans the top of the carpets very well but it's not reaching down and pulling dirt out of the very bottom.

If you choose a dry cleaning service, your carpets won't dry That much faster and they will look very clean after the service.

However, after a few days/weeks, you can expect them to appear dirty again as very little dirt has been removed and cleaned out of the deep fibres of the carpet, Dry cleaning can often be a more expensive option and can leave carpets very wet from chemicals.

We always recommend carpet steam cleaning as we firmly believe this method is the only way to ensure that your carpets and upholstery are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

And you get the results that you are paying for.​

Shampoo cleaning

A carpet shampooer uses a combination of detergent and water to clean carpets.

A rotating brush loosens some dirt in the carpet fibres while its low power suction tries to lift the dirt water & soap residue leaving your carpets wet for a very long time.

On the other hand, a steam extraction cleaner uses the power of high-pressure steam and a high Volume vacuum.

When choosing between steam cleaning and shampooing your carpet, you really can go wrong
but steam cleaning would be the better option.
It removes more unseen pests and dirt and can handle heavy-duty cleaning without making you wait long for drying


Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority


Don’t be a victim of unscrupulous carpet and rug cleaners!

The CHEAP Quote comes along with the use of harsh, cheap and damaging cleaning agents loaded with chemicals. Often carpet and upholstery cleaners will drench your carpet, rug, furniture etc with toxic elements and harmful chemical residue that lingers in your home for a long time. These residues are very dangerous, especially for your children and pets.

Chemicals used by inexperienced untrained cleaners are frequently very harsh. These can easily make the fabric dull, lifeless, and weak as well as cause the deterioration of carpet fibres and permanent damage to your investment.

Most inexperienced cleaners are not able to lift out all the debris (such as dirt, grime, soil, oil, red wine, blood, pet urine and vomit) that ends up embedded at the base of the carpet fibres. This debris will cause your carpet to wear faster. More frequent carpet replacement is bad for the environment and your pocket. Additionally, cheap chemicals aren’t healthy.

Therefore, it is good to stay miles away from these types of cleaners. Untrained, non-certified, inexperienced, and unscrupulous cleaners will only produce immense amounts of damage to your carpet and spoil the environment of your home. You will pay more in the long run by choosing ‘cheap’ carpet and rug cleaners and will deprive yourself of the enjoyment of a newer looking and fresh smelling carpet.

At Advanced Carpet Care Newcastle, we take immense pride in providing genuine and upfront pricing for premium quality work. We believe in and stand by our work ethics.