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Minimum call out of $80.00 ie two standard rooms. 

Carpet Sanitisation included FREE.

Carpet deodorising included FREE.

Carpet stain treatment included FREE.

Fully licensed and insured business

All Quoted Prices are Regardless of Furniture in the Room At Time of Cleaning.

We have perfected our technique to remove dirt and grime. To achieve the best results,

Advanced Carpet Care Newcastle uses a Multi-Clean System.

First, we dry vacuum with our professional-grade agitator on the carpet to release trapped grit and dirt and fluff up compacted carpet pile.

We then spray a biodegradable dirt and grease dissolving agent, dirt is then hit with High-Temperature Steam and extracted from your carpet with high-powered extraction equipment.

Typically, after the extraction is completed it should only take 3-4 hours for the carpet to dry.

Finally, deodoriser is applied to leave your carpet smelling clean and fresh.
Although the idea of cleaning your carpet with supermarket products may seem like an appealing idea, this can lead to far more harm than good.

Using the wrong products can worsen stains and even make them Permanent.

Advanced Carpet Care Newcastle will save you time, effort and money in the long run by providing the best cleaning processes for your specific carpet type.

standard room = 12 square meter room or less

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