End of Lease Carpet Clean

Carpet Sanitisation included FREE.

Carpet deodorising included FREE.

Carpet stain treatment included FREE.


All Quoted Prices are Regardless of Furniture in the Room At Time of Cleaning.

Although the idea of cleaning your carpet with supermarket products may seem like an appealing idea, this can lead to far more harm than good.

When you move out of a rental home, it is necessary to have the carpets professionally cleaned.

Some landlords and real estate managers might charge an extra fee if the carpets aren't cleaned before your move-out date. You cannot just throw some soap and water on the carpet and call it clean.
there is more to carpet cleaning than meets the eye. There are also secrets that most people don't know.

Carpets, if not cleaned regularly, collect a lot of dust and debris over the years and bacteria, mould, and other contaminants. Dirt attracts more dirt, so if you have dirty carpets, chances are they will attract even more dirt over time. 
It is highly recommended to use professional carpet steam cleaning services every 12-18 months depending on how much use it gets and how dirty it is.
A professional steam cleaning will do an amazing job. The end-of-lease carpet cleaning will ensure that all of these contaminants are eliminated, making living conditions for you and your family much healthier.

You wouldn't want to move into a house with dirty carpets, so why should the next tenant?

There are many benefits to getting your carpets steam cleaned by professionals before leaving the rental property at the end of the lease agreement.
It is time-consuming to clean carpets properly. It can take hours and make you're moving-out date unrealistic.
Some landlords might charge you a steam cleaning fee if this happens, or the cost may come out of your bond.

What does end-of-lease cleaning involve?
To have clean carpets at the end of a lease, firms will provide thorough bond clean services before you move in.
Before the cleaning process begins, you may have to remove all your furniture so that a fantastic job can be carried out.

End-of-lease steam carpet cleaners will not only treat your carpets with a special solution but also apply hot water extraction.
This combination, together with Extraction, ensures that the dirt and lose particles are completely removed and lifted from deep within the fibres.
When the carpets are completed, another solution is applied to ensure that they not only smell fresh but also look their best.

Carpets attract contaminants, dirt, and dust, making allergies unbearable even for people who aren't normally affected by them.
Carpet cleaning services use professional products to remove stains, besides eliminating harmful bacteria and allergens from the surface of your carpet where they tend to accumulate.

Do I need to steam clean carpets at end of the lease?

Steam cleaning your carpets before you move out of your rental house is an excellent way to ensure that they are clean and presentable.
Compromising on deep cleaning the carpet isn't an option because it could cost you extra money or damage your bond.

When you sign a contract with a landlord to lease their investment property, it includes detailed conditions that must be met.
Your contract might not state when your carpets need to be steam cleaned, but they should be in reasonably good condition at the end of your tenancy.
If there are tough stains and you're having a hard time removing them, or there is a risk of damage to carpet fibres, it might be best if you leave the situation to the professionals.

When most people think about professional carpet steam cleaning, their mind generally jumps to the idea that it requires hot water and some sort of chemical solution. However, this is only part of what goes into proper carpet cleaning.
Professional carpet cleaners will apply Hot water extraction,
which involves spraying a solution onto the surface of your carpets before using a special wand For applying steam and extraction at the same time.

If an agent is involved in recovering your rental bond, they should provide a condition report and final account (if not done already).

When you move out, your rental property should be left in substantially the same condition as when you first moved in.
This includes ovens, light fittings, hard floors, Venetian blinds if installed and carpets.

Is the end-of-lease cleaning hard?
All stains should be removed, and carpets must be free of dirt, grime, or debris. This is the only way to guarantee you will get your full bond back at the end of your tenancy.

You may have been lulled into a false sense of security about cleaning your rental property because you have been able to clean it up before without any issues.
Unfortunately, this isn't always going to cut it when you move out, so it's highly recommended you find a professional carpet cleaner who can deliver an exceptional service.

End-of-lease carpet cleaning prices
A thorough steam cleaning should cost around $45 per room, depending on the size and condition of your carpets.
You should make sure that you know exactly how long the cleaning process will take so you can plan accordingly for your move-out date.

Professional Carpet cleaners can provide a quote as well as a written agreement outlining all details,
including the amount, you'll need to pay for the end-of-lease carpet cleaning service.
They should also give you a fixed time frame within which they can complete your steam clean job.

The kinds of marks that an end-of-lease carpet cleaner could be able to remove include:

Spills (ink, coffee, wine, etc.)

Stubborn stains (grass stains, tea, blood, etc.)

Pet hair and pet smells

Odours (cigarette smoke, food spills, etc.)


Allergens (dust mite droppings)


standard room = 12 square meter room or less