Tile And Grout Steam Cleaning


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Kitchen tile-grout clean
Kitchen tile-grout clean

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Standard Tile & Grout Steam clean starts at $6.00 Per Square Meter

 Minimum Call out of  $80.00 Dollars

PLEASE Do not ever use vinegar on your tiles 

Vinegar will damage your Grout to the point of turning it to a sand like condition as it is an acid.

Regular proper cleaning and maintenance can significantly prolong the lifespan of Your floor.

Over time floors will collect, dust, soil, debris and bacteria.

The accumulation of dirt in the grout will be noticeable by a darkening of the grout color and grout tile color.

Seven Step Tile and Grout Cleaning Procedure:

Step 1.  Tile and Grout Cleaning Inspection

Technicians carefully inspect the area of the floor to be cleaned to determine if it is natural or man-made.

The correct cleaning chemical is selected.

Step 2. Debris Removal

The cleaning area has obstacles removed.

Step 3. Vacuuming

The area is then vacuumed to remove soil and hair.

Step 4.  Application of Cleaning Solution

The Technician sprays the pretreatment chemical onto the surface and then agitated with scrubbing.

Step 5.  High Pressure Steam Cleaning and Extraction

High-pressure steam disperses onto the floor from the steam extraction head.

The dirty water is vacuumed straight back up through the waste tube. There is no mess, no splashes and no clean up required.

Step 6.  Drying

The floor is mopped or dried with air moving equipment.

Step 7. Furniture Replacement

Any furniture or items previously moved are put back in place.

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